Relationship Advice from my Favorite Book Quote

#Favourite Book Quote turned Relationship Advice There I was, sitting on my “orange” chair tucked beside the desk, legs thrown across the arm of the chair reading Regretting you by Colleen Hoover. Sooner than later, I was scrambling across the desk for my highlighter to paint the words that had just answered the damn questionContinue reading “Relationship Advice from my Favorite Book Quote”

GIrl in YOGA pose

How To Start Yoga for Better Living| Yoga for beginners.

Looking to expand your hobbies? or maybe you want to start something new. Maybe your curiosity got far enough to look through Instagram yoga pages and you must have seen posts with people in all these weird shapes and you’re thinking to yourself. Nah, I’ll pass.But wait! just before you trash the idea. Here areContinue reading “How To Start Yoga for Better Living| Yoga for beginners.”

Academic stress

I don’t know about you but school can be a major source of stress. You don’t think so?! The worst of times are when exams are coming up but the lectures are still ongoing. A cycle of madness starts, trying to read the past and present. Like that isn’t enough, a lecturer would say youContinue reading “Academic stress”


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